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Umbrellas, deck chairs, sun beds, platforms and fences, gazebo, beach cleaning, canoes

Since 1996 we offer ourselves as a manufacturer in the field of water creating solutions tailored to any customer's needs, with highly qualified products in the furnishings of beaches, gardens and pools.
Our policy and characterized so far for high quality 'and security for us and' the first advertising 'of our product.
Our company present in Calabria in the field of water and 'continues to grow and invest in new products, patenting the invention is that the INNOVATION on the details of the parasols and sun loungers to satisfy all the needs of our customers with courtesy and professionalism.
The rigorous quality control allows you to meet all those customers who are looking for a reliable and accurate in every detail.
The patented sull'ombrellone that improve the safety and facilitating the closing.
Other innovations and patents have been applied on the sun loungers on the site.
Come and visit us, we will have the chance 'to see and touch the products before purchase.
The fabrics used are among the best in Europe and subjected to weather the heat and salinity remain unchanged for years and retain light color and strength.
Our company conducts repairs in addition to production with replacement of worn parts on all kinds of umbrellas, deck chairs and sun loungers.

Some Our furniture

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