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Parasol Semi-Professional, made with spider Model IONIO to 8 cues 5 mm in hot galvanized steel coated with epoxy top quality ', Collano and crown Nylon Special
where it is made with aluminum upper pole mm. 35 or alternatively with a wooden pole of the measure of mm.36, with the possibility of various grafts such as smooth, bayonet etc .. at the discretion of the client.
This type of umbrella is a line more 'economic which is recommended for swimming pools, cottages, playgrounds, beach etc ...
Available sizes Spider cm. 90/10, 100/10, 110/10.
The cover is made of yarn-dyed fabrics in plain colors and bands, or dyed pasta highest quality '(Acrilmare Borgomanero or Tempotest - Sea Para) Solidity' and color unchanged over time.
For colors, (see color chart on the site itself) also can be coupled more 'colors using solid colors and for quantities exceeding 100 pieces, you can' have any custom color description to the client.
The covers are made with electronic machines of the latest generation, the thread for the seams and 'high strength to avoid breakage along the seams.
On the end 'of the slats is sewn a triangle reinforced polyethylene and attack the pins where the stitching is done in an alternative way by giving a lot of resistance to all the fluctuations to which it is subjected during the exhibition season the umbrella. Alternatively, at the request of the customer, you can sew the bag, then insert the pins, as in the figure above.
Also, and not least it pays special attention to the arching umbrella giving good shape to all our products.
Our company is recommended at the end of the season proper washing with fresh water, after a perfect drying laid it in a dry place.
The Spider IONIO Model, serial, is mounted to 8 slats with hooks embedded.

5 year warranty on all products.


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