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The "Ombrellificio Furfaro" is pleased to present: The NEW 'of 2013
PRODUCT TOTALLY ITALIAN THE SUN BED RELAX "MOD. RIVIERA CALABRA "completely innovative designers constructed with anodized aluminum profiles which is painted with epoxy paint colors on request of the customer.
The details of assembly are 316 stainless steel bolts and nylon grade, where it guarantees ZERO breakage and Maximum functionality with 4 position adjustable backrest without cord. Everything is designed to meet the needs of customers who have long been looking for something innovative design made in ITALY to decorate with style pools, solarium, gardens etc.
This is the latest and there are others in the drawer ready to be made. The characteristics of this product are the following:
The sun lounger relaxation is made up with a structure that assumes a curved shape, obtaining the armrests for the support to the relaxation of the arms.
Above this structure is blocked with four screws on the frame of the bed easily removable for possible storage of the canvas. The supporting structure can house a frame of any other form such as "curved structure, wave and so on." The bed has four back positions starting from lying completely flat up to the position of the back straight vertical positioning lanyard without backrest is in automatic mode.


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